Optical Microscopy

L&R is the first mold laboratory in Idaho. We use the ASTM standard for mold analysis by optical microscopy.

• Spore Trap Analysis
• Surface / Direct Exam Analysis
• Viable (Culturable)
• Non-Viable (Non-Culturable)

More Information About Mold 

Fungi are everywhere, in soil, water, in air, on and within plants, animals, including the human body. We breathe in mold spores and other particles daily. The number of mold spores in the air at any given time can vary greatly. It is dependent on the time of day, temperature, precipitation, and wind.

Mold is a natural and necessary part of our world but shouldn't be found inside homes or offices. If mold is found growing indoors, it's a sign of a moisture issue. Elevated levels of mold spores can cause allergic reactions in individuals with allergies.
Two things are needed for mold to grow: moisture and a food source. Sources of moisture could include:

• Improper or lack of ventilation
• Plumbing leaks
• Roofing leaks
• Exterior sprinklers

Cellulose (paper) rich building materials provide a great food source for mold. Examples of these building materials include:

• Paper face and backing of drywall or insulation
• Cardboard
• Structural flooring
• Structural framing 

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