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Environmental Ghost Particles Haunting Your Home?

Harmful particles are no secret, but you may be unaware of what particles are floating around in your home.

Have no fear! There are some steps you can take to improve your indoor air.

  1. Keep your HVAC system cleaned and maintained. This is a huge part of improving your indoor air quality, and decreasing your monthly costs.
  2. Indoor plants are known to help improve the air in your home according to a NASA study done in 1989. A few plants listed are:
    1. Peace Lily
    2. Dwarf Date Palm
    3. Spider Plant
    4. Boston Fern
  3. Installing air purifiers or cleaners, but you have to change the filters and maintain those as well to keep them working effectively.
  4. If you are still paranoid about possible indoor air pollutants, invest in indoor air quality testing. The testing will let you know of any harmful particles that are in your home.

For more information check out our indoor air quality services!